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Our company Bella Hats has been characteristic and specialized from the early beginnings, since we offer our customers a selection of the best and most renowned world's manufacturers of hats and caps. We follow trends and carefully select the most beautiful models from all over the world for you. Our store has become synonymous with quality, we offer a wide range of goods along with unique limited editions and seasonal goods, in various price categories. We approach the selection of hats and caps with passion and love, they represent for us a kind of art, tradition and heritage. We are constantly working to improve services for our customers, hence, our best business cards are our regular customers.


We want our customers to leave with a smile. With our “old school” approach and a truly uniquely diverse range of top-class headwear, Bella Hats is a great choice for all hat lovers.





At Bella Hats, we offer a wide range of hats and caps from the world's best hat manufacturers, hatters and hat craftsmen for centuries. With us, it's not just about brands, but mainly about what is behind them - heritage, history, top quality, know-how and uniqueness. In our shop almost everything is handmade, a wide selection of top shelf products, from formal felt hats to casual hats.

Whether it is a hot summer day or a cold winter evening, with us you will certainly choose a hat or cap that will fulfill your wishes and ideas. With a hat on your head, you will add a touch of sophistication to your look and fine-tune your outfit to perfection - you will be different. A quality and well-fitting hat adapts to your ergonomics and blends in with your face naturally. With a hat or a cap from the Bella Hats store, you get the confidence to wear a hat or a  cap with style for a regular day walk or for a more festive occasion!


With a variety of brands and types of materials, we can equip you for any weather, whether it is snowing, raining or the sun is so strong that you require protection against UV rays. We also think of travelers, we always have several models of hats and caps, which you can comfortably fold / pack in a suitcase, wherever life takes you. With each of our hats or caps, you carry a real piece of history and heritage!


We do our best so everyone can find their piece of art within our really wide offer, and we are happy to help anyone choosing their headwear – it is our pleasure indeed!



Warm wool or cashmere scarves, leather gloves, branded fashionable face masks, umbrellas, walking sticks, all handmade in the highest quality.




We offer a wide range of hats from the world's best manufacturers of hats, hatters and craftsmen - brands with history, top quality and uniqueness.