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Mr. Hatter - Italian Hand Made Hats Company

A structured and dynamic company, a reliable and proactive interlocutor. A

partner with whom to discuss the most complicated challenges of the market. The

specialization of our collaborators is the flagship of the company. The dexterity and

skill of our artisans is internationally recognized and the passion that guides our

team allows us to create products of absolute value.

Mr. Hatter’s proposal is among the most varied on the market. From design to

production, the company’s DNA remains linked to the canons of absolute quality

and attention to detail. Within the international scenario, Mr Hatter stands out for

the most advanced modeling and a product range that covers the offer from the

most traditional models up to the most daring modeling experiments and the use

of refined materials.

An organized and linear process guarantees every single phase of production while

the style studio works on the development of the collections by elaborating the

most important references of international trends. A competent and active sales

management follows the customer for commercial aspects.

The management of the private label follows a streamlined and accurate procedure:

the company guarantees customers solid and structured support. This ensures

speed and reliability in deliveries and after-sales assistance.

Mr Hatter is an absolutely contemporary reality. The spirit of ‘Handmade in Italy’

guides the entire project. Our collections cover a wide range of models and our

catalog is periodically enriched with ‘must haves’ items.

At Mr. Hatter we have been making handcrafted hats for 4 generations.

With tireless passion we have followed the evolution of one of the most iconic

accessories, participating as protagonists in its transformation.

Today, Salvatore Marciano and Vincenzo Marcellino guided by a vision made of

courage and pure creative talent have accepted the challenge of making the hat

absolutely contemporary.

Observing the world closely and experimenting with styles and production

processes, the two young entrepreneurs imbue every single creation with their


The Mr Hatter universe communicates tradition and craftsmanship with a natural

attitude for research and innovation to offer its customers the know-how of the

most authentic Italian style proposal.